Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Letter Robots!

 We were over at Adam & Katie's for mother's day and the kids got to make their own pizza. Quinn was enjoying rubbing his hands in the butter and licking them as was Brie for that matter~

 Ice Cream~ Delish~
 one more drop, come on!
 Asher decided he wanted to dress up too since Aleah looked so beautiful. They even shared earrings. Aleah had one and Asher had one too. Notice the lovely shoes~
 Gigi bought the girls some letter cut outs for their birthday which Asher and Aleah thought they should see how many of them they could wear at one time which digressed into everyone wearing one on their head for fun. They certainly keep the mood light-hearted and fun!

 The letter robots in action.

My goofballs!

 Being silly! Reminds me of the "Great Cornholio" from Beavis and Butthead but we won't tell him that!
 He had to put on his brother's cowboy boots and wonder around the house for a while. Too cute!

Show Week for Sports Class

 Getting a medal

 All the boys in class.

Asher has been attending The LIttle Gym and this was their show week. He has been in a sports class where they teach them a little about a new sport every month or few weeks. He has had a good time but has the most fun running from sharks or alligators or whatever other make believe animal they use to keep the boys having fun throughout the program. The teachers are awesome and Asher had a great time~

Mommy's helpers

 Ah, I love it when they ask to vacuum for me! :)

My little daredevil, 1. He was trying out new tricks on the bike already by putting doing the one foot ride on a single pedal. Fortunately, the bike was stationary but I know it wont' be long before he tries it moving. Yes, he normally has a helmet on.

New Babysitter?

Uh, do you think it would work as a babysitter?????

This is Sadie's crate, Gigi's new doggie. She is a cutie and the boys were having a blast playing in it. There was a battle to get in and Quinn even tried chewing on her new dog bone. Gross!


Quinn has started to say a few two syllable words. His first one was Trac-tor. His next one was Bubble followed by Ash-sha. He also was calling the dog Ash-sha but has since started saying some indistinguishable word for Emerson but he is working on it to say the least. It is very cute to hear him say his brother's name and his face always lights up when you ask him....where's Asher?

I can't wait for them to start playing together more. I don't think Asher can either. He is sooo ready for a play mate and partner in crime!

Stinky Bottoms!

Asher likes to run around from time to time exposing, his nasty, stinking bottom! On this special occasion, it was both Aleah and Asher who were having fun exposing their rear ends to the family one evening. It gave everyone a good laugh especially when they decided to climb up on the ottoman and show them off!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

Clowning around

Asher was trying on my earrings and right as I grabbed the camera was when he decided maybe that was not such a good idea. They hurt!
Our little personality man these days. He is a charmer, for sure!